Raúl González opened
his first boutique in 1970


Raúl González opened his first boutique for ‘Made to Measure’ shirts in San Isidro (Argentina), a beautiful town located 30 km in the north of zone from downtown Buenos Aires. This service allowed residents living within this privileged area to purchase a perfectly tailored personalized shirt locally instead of having to rely on the traditional basic shirt shops in downtown Buenos Aires.

His substantial success over the years allowed Raúl Gonzáles to open a second specialized shirt boutique in Martínez, another highly affluent neighborhood where many of his best clients lived.


Following his entrepreneurial spirit and his Spanish roots, González crossed the Atlantic to base himself in 1992, where he opened his tailored shirt business into Spain. The city he chose to base himself was Barcelona, opening his third shirt boutique at 260 Casanova Street, an area in downtown Barcelona where he provided the highest quality custommade shirts along with offering a selection of the best fabrics available of that time in cottons, voiles and silks.

Over the years Raúl González has established his business by reputation of being the shirt maker to create a ‘Made to Measure’ shirt. His celebrity has grown steadily by word of mouth, reaching to other cities, expanding with new clients. The original clientele have remained true to this day and in many cases Raúl Gonzáles Camisero custom-made shirts have prevailed as the label of choice by following generations.


Serving customers on both sides of the Atlantic, in November 2012, Raúl’s eldest son Serafín González, took over the reins of the traditional family business. With a solid knowledge in this field, maintains the same diligence with regards to excellence in quality details in terms of service, selection of fabric ranges, stitching and finishing, to ensure the creation and delivery of the perfect luxurious tailor-made shirt.


At Raúl González Camisero we have a Door-to-Door Service. We visit our clientele by appointment to suit our clients busy schedules… either by visiting their office, hotel or when at home. Measurements are noted along with all preferences, to ensure the highest quality of tailored fit and design. Once we have perfected our clients individual patterns and style choices, further shirts can be ordered via e-mail and if preferred, we can courier our fabric portfolios directly to clients for new selections of alternative fabrics and/or color choices. Clients also request new fitting appointments to suit their changing physical needs.

We ensure delivery of your tailored shirt to your door within 2-3 weeks.

Based in Palma de Mallorca, Balearic Islands, the team travels regularly throughout Europe and, at the recommendation of our clients, to more and more distant locations all over the world.